Home Tips for getting whiter teeth

One of the main objectives of the people is to wear a bright white teeth as currently the dental aesthetics play a very important role in society and it is vital in many areas. So we have a wide variety of beauty treatments at our disposal such as teeth whitening that will be of great help in obtaining improved color of our teeth. Moreover not only have the opportunity to submit interventions to achieve this goal because then we will know a number of household tips for whiter teeth.

Home Tips for getting whiter teeth

This list of tips started talking about a technique that will be of much help to prevent stains on the teeth, it is sufficient to avoid eating foods that cause dental stains and in this regard it is noteworthy that several products may alter the natural color of the teeth such as tea, coffee or red wine. In the event that we are regular users of these products and do not want to delete is highly recommended brushing after consumption.

Another of these simple tips it is directly related to the improvement of dental aesthetics is the consumption of dietary fiber as it is shown that we will help to get whiter teeth because of their abrasive effect that serves to remove food debris staying on the surface of the teeth. Therefore eating high fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits or grains embedded in a highly recommended to include in our diet option.

Finally one of the latest tips to bear in mind in this regard is to reduce staining using straws , i.e., avoid drinking dark beverages straight from the glass as this substance is deposited in the front area of the teeth and cause tooth stains being a straw an ideal alternative to avoid this problem. From now you have no excuse when flaunt perfect white teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening

The home teeth whitening is one of the most practiced cosmetic dental treatments level. Works easily and there are basically two types. Supervised by your dental clinic whitening (called home teeth whitening) and tooth whitening kits that are sold in pharmacies. Then we will talk about home tooth whitening.

When you make a tooth whitening supervised by a specialist, the technique is very simple. You should only apply a peroxide gel carbanida compound or hydrogen peroxide in a splint compiled by the dentist is a mold of your teeth made of clear acrylic. Colócatela by introducing the gel.

If you have a color guide to check the results, advices start from the top jaw so you can see the color difference with the teeth of the lower jaw. It is a simple and effective way to compare the dental and improved tone. You can also take a picture of your teeth before treatment.

Begin brushing your teeth carefully and then placed a drop of whitening gel in each tooth space of each of the splint. Sets the mold to your teeth and removes remaining gel which left the splint. You should wear the splint at least 4 hours a day so it is recommended to use at night, while sleeping.

The advantage of teeth whitening splints is that when you need to perform the treatment again, you just have to buy the gel, since you already have the splint. Thus, you will save costs in future sessions.

Tips on home tooth whitening

  • Wash your teeth carefully before starting treatment.
  • If desired, you can only apply the whitening teeth look when you smile.
  • You must wear splints between 2 and 4 hours minimum.
  • Repeat the procedure only if you have obtained permission from your dentist.

Grinding chopped

Dental caries (tooth decay) is holes made in the two outer layers of tooth enamel and dentin calls. Enamel is the outer white hard surface and the dentin is the yellow layer just beneath the enamel. Both layers serve to protect the inner life of tooth tissue called the pulp, where blood vessels and nerves reside.

Tooth decay is common, affecting over 90% of the population. Cavities can occur in any tooth but usually are usually most frequent between the millstones. The cavities in the molars, popularly known as chopped wheels. Small cavities may not cause pain and may go unnoticed by the patient. The larger cavities can collect food and inner tooth pulp can be affected, leading to irritable due to bacterial toxins. Intone, both cold, hot, sour and sweet foods might be causing toothache. The toothache of these cavities is larger the number one reason for visits to dentists.

Causes of toothache chopped

The bacteria that cause cavities between molars consume simple sugars, making them acidic plate. The acid plate is different from periodontal plaque that causes gum disease. The acid produced by plaque bacteria cause these harsh inorganic layers that make the enamel and dentin are tender. The softened layers are then dissolved by the saliva, leaving a hole (cavity) to the tooth. Unless this cavity is filled by a dentist or filling, the cavity may continue to erode and damage the pulp inside the tooth. Damage to the pulp can lead to pulp death, infection and dental abscess. Therefore, both the pulp damage require tooth extraction as a root canal in which the dead pulp is removed and replaced with an inert material.

The enamel of the teeth are immature and porous. It may take seven years for the limestone porosity and enamel it can be replaced by a more mature, dense, hard and shiny enamel. Therefore, the children are more prone to cavities than adults.

The bacteria that bite the teeth , causing tooth decay, are difficult to eradicate because they are very similar to other harmless bacteria that live in the oral cavity. The bacteria causing many bites wheels include:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria residing in the pits and fissures of the chewing surfaces (occlusal) of the teeth. These bacteria can cause rampant caries in young children 3-12 years, causing decay in both baby teeth and permanent first molars, which erupt around age 6.
  • Six species of streptococci bacteria attack the smooth surfaces on the sides of the teeth. These parts are usually touching the adjacent teeth, and the resulting cavities in these parts can be difficult to detect visually. These cavities are best detected by the use of x-rays.
  • Viscous Odontomyces bacteria living in the back of the tongue and attack the exposed cement. Cement is the hard outer layer of the tooth root (the lower two thirds of the tooth which is normally buried in the dental bone). In elderly patients and in patients with gum disease, tooth root and cement statements have exposed and vulnerable to attack by these bacteria.

Prevent bites wheels

The number of cavities can be reduced through proper nutrition, good oral hygiene, fewer snacks between meals, use of oral or topical fluorides and sealants that are known today.

  • Nutritional advice – eat less simple (sucrose or table sugar) sugar, reduce the number of acid-producing bacteria in the mouth. Adequate dietary calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, D, and C promote the formation of healthy and strong enamel.
  • Home oral hygiene – brushing often helps reduce damage caused by plaque acid enamel, while using frequent flossing removes plaque acid smooth surfaces between teeth and molars. If you cannot brush and floss immediately after a meal, food should be tested for self-cleaning chewing on the end of the meal. These include apples and celery are crunchy and help sweep food debris and plaque. Chewing sugarless gum for a few minutes at the end of the meal can also help.
  • Eat fewer snacks between meals – every bite is followed by an acid attack on the teeth. Therefore, eat snacks throughout the day causes the teeth are continually bathed in acid. Eat fewer snacks and desserts only helps to reduce the number of acid attacks on teeth meals.
  • Fluorides – oral fluoride help strengthen the developing enamel and dentin layers of the teeth of children before they erupt. Topical fluorides fill the pores of immature enamel or small early cavities and reduce tooth decay and erupted. Topical fluorides are usually painted at the dentist, and later at home are complemented with topical fluoride gels.
  • Sealants – Sealants are plastic coatings painted on the pits and fissures of the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars and premolars) and are very effective in preventing cavities. Sealants for permanent molars in all children are recommended to avoid bites wheels. They are also used to reduce tooth decay in baby teeth and adult teeth are prone to cavities. The procedure is simple and painless and requires no anesthesia.

The dryness of the mouth and remove tips

Dryness of the mouth is a very common condition. Many people who suffer from it, but even if symptoms are easy to recognize, many do not realize they suffer from it. This feeling of dryness is caused because the level of saliva is not enough to hydrate your mouth.

When dry mouth is very often the problem should be treated by medical professionals, because if not properly treated can bring other diseases, including halitosis.

If you feel dryness in your mouth is still somewhat soft, you can try to fight it with these tips.

  • Rinse your mouth several times a day. If you work or are busy, should take the time to perform this activity, it is not something that will take a long time and will be of great help. It is highly recommended that you add water to the rinse; 1 teaspoon baking soda was made.
  • Use a special toothpaste and mouthwash to dryness. You can go to a dentist prescribes or easily find a market. These pastes tooth are composed of substances that favor salivary production, which will make your mouth stays well hydrated.
  • Chew gum and candy. We just consume without sugar and candies hard consistency, otherwise these goodies end up making things worse, because the sweet and the paste affect our teeth. Chewing gum is very good for dry mouth, increasing the amount of saliva that remains in the mouth and may be improving the problem.
  • Do not use any beverage containing alcohol. Whether or drinking alcoholic beverages can also be mouthwash. Replace it with others that do not contain alcohol or aggravate the situation.
  • Drink plenty of water. You need to drink from 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. Remember it is not the same as taking soda, juice or tea; on the contrary, these drinks should be replaced by water as much as possible.
  • Avoid drinking coffee and tea. They have diuretic effects and may cause dry mouth worse. If you eat breakfast or snack with these drinks, stick only to consume at those times. You can also replace milk, even if it is better soy milk or rice.
  • Avoid eating dry food. Many may think that this does not affect much, but it is not, otherwise the low production of saliva that are used in chewing these foods.
  • Eat red meat. The chicken, egg, fish and cheese, which are foods that are at the same level of protein than meat, are not suitable because they are too dry.
  • Avoid the citrus. Usually you are fruits contain acid, but it is also the case of certain foods, you should avoid and replace them.
  • Drink yogurt, smoothies and milkshakes. Maybe you can use these types of drinks to replace those that have been banned before (gas, booze, tea and coffee)
  • Do not eat salty or spicy foods. Having a dry mouth and contact with food of this kind may cause burning or pain.

If you suffer from dry mouth, you should always take care of proper hygiene of your mouth and teeth. Since saliva is responsible for dragging all bacteria and if we lack them, our teeth will be free to attack them. That is why many people who suffer from dry and neglect daily brushing also get cavities.

How to have a perfect smile

Would you like to have a smile that captivates all perfect world? Having a perfect, dazzling white smile is very easy, but not just enough to have excellent oral hygiene, but there are times when we need help from the best experts to achieve perfect teeth to have that as a magazine model.

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Do not overlook the children’s dentistry

If you have young children and dad probably has not thought about taking them to the dentist to see how will their teeth, right? Almost nobody cares about children’s teeth because they think that the permanent teeth are the ones who have to care, big mistake.

Usually the problems you have in your teeth may have been fixed since childhood, so it is always good to go to the dentist regularly. Many children have crooked teeth because they have very little space in the mouth and teeth are piling up, that will be easily fixed with a dentist with the help of a palate. In addition to preventing future problems, go to the dentist as a child helps them big cost less because those who start going to the dentist always draw large return.

Although all dentists can cater to people of any age, there are those who specialize in children and of course have much more experience and knowledge on the teeth of children. Monterrey has a large amount of expert dentists in the area.

If you do not have a family dentist or that you’re not 100% convinced we recommend dentists in Monterrey. Monterrey is a city with great centers of health with high quality and technology that will inspire confidence and relief. Dentists in Monterrey know that health mouth of our children is of great importance and therefore are always on the lookout for technological advances in child dentistry.

Pay attention to your mouth

To have a nice smile is more than just getting the teeth aligned, it is necessary to achieve good health dental and be visiting your dentist regularly. Monterrey has excellent dentists with international standards and at very affordable prices.

Dentistry does more than put “rights” teeth, dentists all your dental health care. From check if all is well, even dental surgeries, dentists are always making sure you have the most beautiful teeth and as always wanted.

If you already have aligned teeth is important to have white teeth, anyone likes stained or yellow teeth and your smile is evidence that strongly influences the way you see other people. Dentistry is responsible for this, both cleanings as dental bleaching.

It is important that you visit your dentist regularly, as you might not know it and have any cavities that must be deleted; it is a very easy process and nothing painful, so no need to worry.

Monterrey dentistry is performed by the best dentists in the country and the costs are very low, in fact many people from America come to Monterrey to treatments performed dental pro the same reason.

Do not hesitate, visit your dentist and have a nice smile.

Palate instead of braces

It is very common to see teenagers or young with braces and a very interesting thing to know is that you can avoid the use of braces as a child if you are using a palate, there are dentists in US specialized in the subject, you want to know more?

Many say that children have the teeth crooked but do not care until having permanent teeth, should know that they still have baby teeth can correct problems with a suitable palate.

If you see that your children do not have the straight teeth you should take them to a review with a dentist specializing in children to be familiar with the problems of infants. Monterrey has many dentists, as well as specialists in the playground.

A central health specialist and a very good service and is located in the city. Looking for dentists in US this health center and get off concerns.

Dentists in Monterrey are highly valued as they offer a good job, they have the best technology and are always at the forefront of children’s treatments. Another advantage, one of the most loved, is that they have prices very affordable.

Forget the braces! Contact a dentist and talk about the option of using a palate.