The aesthetic is gaining more and more importance in our society, still face our letter to the public and one of the most valued areas where the appearance of a person is judged. Among the different facial features, the mouth is one of the most influential. Still, the aesthetics of your smile not only adheres to assess the size, color or shape of the teeth, but also the aesthetics of the gum.

Health and gum care

First, improve the aesthetics of the gum does not primarily aim to correct any problem with it. Thus, it is essential that the gum be healthy, so if there is periodontal disease should be treated and controlled in the first instance. Thus, tissues can be handled better and heal in a more favorable light. This not only relates to the above care to cosmetic treatment, but also to maintain the results. ‘s important that the patient follow a program of periodontal maintenance.

To solve the various unsightly alterations of the gingiva, the patient has four options:

Gingivectomy: The procedure involves removal of the damaged part of the gum by surgical intervention. Generally used for the treatment of hyperplasia or overgrowth gum drug. Only be done when you can guarantee, is the maintenance of a proper amount of adhering tissue.

Flaps: is a surgical procedure that involves moving sections of gum to treat bone and tissue beneath and surrounding. Then the flap is again fixed at a higher point so that at least smile gum display, achieving more aesthetic results.

Gingivoplasty: gingivoplasty is a technique through which the gums settle again. Improves the contour of the gums around the tooth.

OrthognathicSurgery :Orthognathic surgery involves removing a section of bone located above the tooth roots and the closure of the entire arc so you cannot see the gummy smile. It is the most extensive and expensive procedure but, depending on what cases it may be the best option to achieve the desired results.

Before performing any type of surgery, since Clinics Propdental we emphasize the importance of taking care to keep the gums healthy and to submit to intervention. In addition, the patient should see a dentist to perform a comprehensive aesthetic diagnosis and ensure you have the controlled periodontal disease. Although the goals of treatment may be primarily cosmetic, also look after the health of the patient.

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