The home teeth whitening is one of the most practiced cosmetic dental treatments level. Works easily and there are basically two types. Supervised by your dental clinic whitening (called home teeth whitening) and tooth whitening kits that are sold in pharmacies. Then we will talk about home tooth whitening.

When you make a tooth whitening supervised by a specialist, the technique is very simple. You should only apply a peroxide gel carbanida compound or hydrogen peroxide in a splint compiled by the dentist is a mold of your teeth made of clear acrylic. Colócatela by introducing the gel.

If you have a color guide to check the results, advices start from the top jaw so you can see the color difference with the teeth of the lower jaw. It is a simple and effective way to compare the dental and improved tone. You can also take a picture of your teeth before treatment.

Begin brushing your teeth carefully and then placed a drop of whitening gel in each tooth space of each of the splint. Sets the mold to your teeth and removes remaining gel which left the splint. You should wear the splint at least 4 hours a day so it is recommended to use at night, while sleeping.

The advantage of teeth whitening splints is that when you need to perform the treatment again, you just have to buy the gel, since you already have the splint. Thus, you will save costs in future sessions.

Tips on home tooth whitening

  • Wash your teeth carefully before starting treatment.
  • If desired, you can only apply the whitening teeth look when you smile.
  • You must wear splints between 2 and 4 hours minimum.
  • Repeat the procedure only if you have obtained permission from your dentist.

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