We all know that eating well is important for the growth and development of children, but many foods that are good for the body can have a harmful effect on the teeth. Infant feeding is flooded with sweet and greasy commercial products, which harm the oral health of children, so it is essential that parents know their children’s diet and know how to select the best options.

Children need a varied diet that contains all the nutrients to grow, but you must restrict the amount of sugar consumed daily. Sweetened foods raise the risk of decay considerably because some bacteria in the mouth use sugar to produce acids that dissolve tooth enamel and cause tooth decay.

Sticky foods, like candy and sweets, are also dangerous for children’s dental health, as they stay in contact with the teeth longer, helping to nourish the bacteria that cause decay.

Among the most dangerous foods are sweets, such as cookies and cakes, processed cereals, fried potatoes and seemingly harmless dried fruits.

Experts recommend that parents encourage their children to eat healthy foods from the first years of life. Dairy products, fruits and vegetables are essential for the development of the body and for forming healthy teeth.

While hygiene and genetics also carry their responsibility for the health of the teeth, what children eat greatly influences the health of the mouth.