Why do teeth become yellowed?

Indeed, there is a genetic component that makes the characteristic white color lose strength with age. However, in most cases, it is due to the regular intake of beverages such as coffee, tea and soft drinks. To this, we have to add tobacco and some medications that also contribute to it.

How can we have white teeth again?

Teeth whitening, always seeks to recover the natural white of your youth, the tone you had in adolescence and that, because of the habits discussed above, has been disappearing.

There are several types of whitening (laser, pharmacy, etc.), but it has been shown that the most effective and least aggressive with the denture is LED whitening performed in clinic. The result will depend, in 90%, on the quality of the product used and the professional that applies it. A quality product guarantees not only that your teeth will not suffer the least, but that you will hardly experience sensitivity and its duration will be prolonged in time if you follow the advice that the specialist dentist will give you when leaving the consultation.

How many shades can teeth be bleached?

  • For people with good dental health a whitening of 1 session to lose 1 to 2 shades is more than enough.
  • For people with more yellow teeth, 1 whitening session is recommended to lower 3 shades.
  • For people with very yellow teeth, a whitening of 2 or more sessions is recommended to reach the desired target and recommended by the specialist, who contemplates lowering 4 or more tones.

What should we do before undergoing tooth whitening?

The main thing is to have a dental check-up. Bleaching should be carried out without decay, since these areas cannot be bleached until they are healthy. If you come to Policlinic Barcelona to get a whitening and you have cavities, do not worry, we will give you an important discount so that nothing spoils your plans to show a healthy and bright smile.

The second, prior to whitening, should be carried out dental hygiene and should be less than 6 months since it was made. It is necessary to the tartar will prevent the piece of tooth that covers to be bleached and the result of the whitening would not be optimal (there would be areas of white and yellow teeth).

What is Led whitening?

As we told you, LED whitening in clinic is the most effective, the healthiest and the most durable.

After the revision and dental hygiene, the dentist introduces you in the mouth an appliqué that allows you to keep it open without discomfort and without you having to think about it. In turn, it will show you the current color of your teeth using a dental chromatic meter.

Next, use a gel on the upper part of the gums to protect them and, finally, gently spread the whitening product over the enamel, tooth by tooth and with special care so that the result is excellent.

Once the preparation is finished, a special Led light is directly focused on the denture between 30 and 45 minutes. At the same time, you put special glasses that prevent you from suffering discomfort because of the led.

The Led light reacts to the whitening product, which produces free radicals that penetrate the enamel and eliminate the chromospheres, the molecule responsible for the pigmentation of the teeth and responsible for its yellowish tone.

After the estimated time, the dentist will remove the protective gel from the gum, will ask you to clarify and re-measure the tone in the dental chromatic meter so you can see, in situ, the number of tones lowered.

Effectively, the result is immediate.