How do I take care of my little boy’s teeth

By transmitting good oral hygiene habits which is one of the most important health lessons that can teach you. This means helping him brush his teeth at least twice a day, showing him the proper way to floss, avoiding the … read more

The gums at women

You know that, as a woman, your body has certain peculiarities that distinguish it. You also know that the care of your mouth is important for your health. In some periods of her life, women go through stages such as … read more

Foods that harm children’s teeth

We all know that eating well is important for the growth and development of children, but many foods that are good for the body can have a harmful effect on the teeth. Infant feeding is flooded with sweet and greasy … read more

How are your teeth aligned

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that is responsible for the alignment of the teeth and the correction of bite problems, as well as to guide the eruption of the teeth and the development of the jaws thus producing a … read more

How does a teeth whitening work

Why do teeth become yellowed? Indeed, there is a genetic component that makes the characteristic white color lose strength with age. However, in most cases, it is due to the regular intake of beverages such as coffee, tea and soft … read more

How does teeth whitening work

Teeth whitening occurs in two ways: First, stains on the outer layer of the tooth and under the surface of the enamel are removed. Second, the appearance of new spots is prevented. This is achieved by removing and rinsing the … read more

How is tooth whitening

Teeth whitening has become one of the most revolutionary options in the field in recent years. The possibility of improving the color of our teeth, which become yellow with time and our habits, is undoubtedly a great aesthetic alternative for … read more

How to choose a toothbrush

Electric or manual, cross-wound, rolled up, flexible or rigid, orthodontic, small or large head, with or without indicator band to see wear, flexible, ergonomic, straight or curved handle, with or without tongue brush , for dentures, for sensitive or regular … read more

How to choose toothbrush

Just as each of us will use a different sun protection factor according to our skin type, the toothbrush that we will have to use will also be different according to our teeth. Now, how to choose the most suitable … read more

Do not ever your teeth horizontally

The World Health Organization recommends consuming about 6 toothpaste tubes a year, while the French consume only an average of 3.4. (The economic crisis requires …). She also recommends eating 4 toothbrushes a year, a toothbrush every 3 months, but … read more

How to cure the toothache

Toothache occurs when the dental pulp is inflamed, which is a central part of the extremely sensitive tooth. It can happen for several reasons: a tooth decay, an al dente shot or an infection of the gums. Take a painkiller. … read more