The World Health Organization recommends consuming about 6 toothpaste tubes a year, while the French consume only an average of 3.4. (The economic crisis requires …). She also recommends eating 4 toothbrushes a year, a toothbrush every 3 months, but the French consume an average of 1.7.

First, why brush your teeth?

To protect yourself from cavities, see! Would you tell me?

Yes, that’s right, but what is actually a decay?

There are no less than 500 species of bacteria in our mouths. They appear and develop mainly after meals and are usually eliminated by brushing teeth. However, when dental hygiene is poor or simply not available, bacteria cling to the surface of our teeth and form a kind of thicker film, this is called plaque. To survive, bacteria feed on the sugars present in our diet. By feeding, bacteria produce acids and it is these acids that attack our teeth. In this case, we speak of caries.

Why did my brother never have cavities while me, yes?

Maybe because he brushes his teeth better? Yes, but not only Indeed, each individual does not have the same equivalent resistance in dental enamel. Some will have a strong dental enamel while others will have a finer enamel and therefore will be more vulnerable to cavities.

The brushing of the evening teeth is the most important of the day. Indeed, during the night, we produce less saliva (saliva is a natural protection against the bacteria present in our mouth) the bacterial development is then increased and the risk of attack also.

How do you brush your teeth well?

Brushing your teeth means brushing your teeth in several steps for about 3 minutes.

Tip: put a song at the same time as you brush your teeth, on average a song lasts between 3min30 and 4min

  • Brush the top and bottom teeth separately.
  • Start by brushing the teeth from the top of the gum to the tooth
  • You have to alternate vertical and rotary movements to brush teeth and gums.
  • Never brush your teeth horizontally and close your mouth.
  • Then attack the inner side of the teeth, always gums to the teeth.
  • And finally do the same thing with the bottom teeth.