Losing baby teeth for permanents to start is a very normal process, but for a child, losing their first tooth can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience. Most of them experience physical and emotional discomfort that one tooth gradually loosens while another pushes from below. As a parent, you can help him calm down by convincing him that he is safe and making the tooth come out easier.


Visit the dentist. The first trips to the dentist of many children come when they begin to lose their baby teeth. The dentist will be able to educate the parents and the child about what to expect in the coming months and years, and how to prepare for them and what to do with their teeth. He will also be able to take a look at loose teeth and estimate how close they will come out.

Give your child chews to eat. Your child will probably experience discomfort with the teeth at some point, and this usually indicates that a tooth is almost ready to go out. Chewable foods will help to accelerate the detachment of the teeth from the gums.

Prepare for any bleeding that may occur. Most children fear the blood because they associate it with pain, injury, and death. Tell him he can bleed, but there is nothing to worry about, it’s just a little blood lost from the tooth when it comes off the gums. You can tell him to wipe the blood with tissue or gauze after the tooth comes out.