Dryness of the mouth is a very common condition. Many people who suffer from it, but even if symptoms are easy to recognize, many do not realize they suffer from it. This feeling of dryness is caused because the level of saliva is not enough to hydrate your mouth.

When dry mouth is very often the problem should be treated by medical professionals, because if not properly treated can bring other diseases, including halitosis.

If you feel dryness in your mouth is still somewhat soft, you can try to fight it with these tips.

  • Rinse your mouth several times a day. If you work or are busy, should take the time to perform this activity, it is not something that will take a long time and will be of great help. It is highly recommended that you add water to the rinse; 1 teaspoon baking soda was made.
  • Use a special toothpaste and mouthwash to dryness. You can go to a dentist prescribes or easily find a market. These pastes tooth are composed of substances that favor salivary production, which will make your mouth stays well hydrated.
  • Chew gum and candy. We just consume without sugar and candies hard consistency, otherwise these goodies end up making things worse, because the sweet and the paste affect our teeth. Chewing gum is very good for dry mouth, increasing the amount of saliva that remains in the mouth and may be improving the problem.
  • Do not use any beverage containing alcohol. Whether or drinking alcoholic beverages can also be mouthwash. Replace it with others that do not contain alcohol or aggravate the situation.
  • Drink plenty of water. You need to drink from 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. Remember it is not the same as taking soda, juice or tea; on the contrary, these drinks should be replaced by water as much as possible.
  • Avoid drinking coffee and tea. They have diuretic effects and may cause dry mouth worse. If you eat breakfast or snack with these drinks, stick only to consume at those times. You can also replace milk, even if it is better soy milk or rice.
  • Avoid eating dry food. Many may think that this does not affect much, but it is not, otherwise the low production of saliva that are used in chewing these foods.
  • Eat red meat. The chicken, egg, fish and cheese, which are foods that are at the same level of protein than meat, are not suitable because they are too dry.
  • Avoid the citrus. Usually you are fruits contain acid, but it is also the case of certain foods, you should avoid and replace them.
  • Drink yogurt, smoothies and milkshakes. Maybe you can use these types of drinks to replace those that have been banned before (gas, booze, tea and coffee)
  • Do not eat salty or spicy foods. Having a dry mouth and contact with food of this kind may cause burning or pain.

If you suffer from dry mouth, you should always take care of proper hygiene of your mouth and teeth. Since saliva is responsible for dragging all bacteria and if we lack them, our teeth will be free to attack them. That is why many people who suffer from dry and neglect daily brushing also get cavities.

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