What is the open bite

Is an open bite malocclusion or incorrect dental misalignment in which two teeth are opposite. This malocclusion can be corrected by an orthodontist, a specialist who treats everything related to the growth and development of the face and how the teeth bite together and is able to make a diagnosis, intervention and treatment of any abnormal occlusion.

How to recognize an open bite? When a gap or space between the upper and lower bite or if it is looking in the mirror, you might be taking a case of open bite teeth is noticed.

Types of open bite

The open bite in orthodontics can be classified into three types:

  • Anterior open bite – there is no overlap between the opposing front teeth when the teeth are biting together
  • Posterior open bite – no space between the opposing posterior teeth when the teeth are biting together
  • Incomplete overbite – the lower front teeth do not touch the upper front teeth or the soft inner tissues of the mouth when teeth are biting together

Causes of open bite

Causes of anterior open bite

  • Like other types of malocclusion, open bite may be influenced by genetics and other external factors. In many cases, anterior open bite is due to several factors, making it difficult to determine the exact cause of the bite. The anterior open bite can occur by:
  • Having a long face due to bone growth
  • Thumb sucking habits and / or chewing during growth and hold an object
  • The habit of pushing the tongue can cause temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)

Causes of posterior open bite

Compared with anterior open bite, posterior open bite is rare so the cause is still not well understood. The posterior open bite may be caused by:

  • Lack of posterior teeth erupting
  • Intermediate eruption of posterior teeth

Problems with open bite

The main obvious reason why anyone would want to correct the open bite is for aesthetic reasons. An anterior open bite can affect a person’s smile and can have an effect on your self-esteem.

The open bite can also cause speech problems in some individuals, this is known with the name “lisp” a speech defect that involves pronouncing the ‘s’ as a ‘ce’.

Treatment of open bite

The correction may be performed using open bite three ways:

  • Validity open bite – In mild cases, the open bite can be corrected only making minor adjustments of the teeth. This correction of open bite also choose when severe malocclusion, but the patient does not want surgery
  • Use appliances and braces to correct open bite – when the patient is young and his bones are growing, growth can be used to pull the teeth back up and thus balance the bite. Depending on the severity, bite blocks and braces can be entered. However, the correction may not be permanent if the habits that initially cause open bite are not removed
  • With surgery – the surgery for open bite is considered when growth has slowed for adults who have serious problems with the open bite. Any other treatment would not give an aesthetic and stable result. Orthognathic surgery or corrective jaw may be a more permanent solution to an open bite, and other dental conditions that someone may have. This surgery involves placing the upper jaw in a new position and fixed in place with plates and screws. An orthodontic bracket is usually required after surgery to align the teeth. It is important to note that the entire process, including surgery and braces, can take several years to complete

How much money is the correction of the open bite?

The price of open bite treatment depends on the extent of treatment has been decided with the specialist. By placing devices may have to pay around 1100-4600 euros or more, while surgery to correct the open bite can cost far more money of 15,300 euros upwards, but the cost varies depending on the health and status.

Some insurance companies may cover the procedure, but not others, as sometimes it is considered that the procedure is to “aesthetic” purposes only. It is best to check with the insurance company before starting any treatment.

How to avoid open bite?

Because the open bite is caused by several factors, the absolute prevention may not be possible, but there are certain things you can do to minimize the risk of finding the bite problem.

  • Remove any habit of thumb sucking or tongue thrust and reduce dependence on the pacifier children. These habits are developed at an early age so it is advisable to monitor the children and try to break their habits if possible. After the sucking habit is stopped, open bite tends to resolve, but may take several years
  • It is best to correct the problem in time to avoid any complications that would make surgery the only remedy to fix open bite

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