The orthodontics is one of the techniques that have evolved over recent years worldwide. Only 20 years ago appeared the lingual orthodontics, a pseudo-invisible system of placing the brackets on the inside of the teeth. Thus, the bars are hidden in plain sight.

The increased use of adult orthodontics has necessitated the search for a more aesthetic treatment that improves not only the appearance of the teeth after the treatment but also the mouth during treatment. The first prototype was developed lingual orthodontics Dr. Kinya Fujita, Japan, in 1970. In 1976 already had the patent for Espados States.

The lingual orthodontic peaked in the 80s but with the emergence of transparent ceramic brackets and use began to decline. They re-emerged when some difficulties ceramic brackets and enamel fracture was discovered.

With lingual braces can solve all kinds of problems dental position without spoiling the aesthetics of our mouth. Contrary to what happens with other techniques such as metal braces, lingual orthodontics is completely invisible to the eyes of others. A very interesting for those who want to preserve their beauty in a natural alternative.

Advantages of Lingual Orthodontics

The biggest advantage is that this technique is aesthetics. When placed inside the brackets of the teeth, they are not visible from outside so you can talk and smile without showing lingual orthodontics. They are an alternative method to other types of orthodontics and a great choice as aesthetics. Do not forget there are also the invisible braces (Invisalign) that while it is better, it is also more expensive.

Lingual orthodontics is applicable to virtually anyone who has already completed its development. Even in adults.

Price lingual orthodontics

The price is usually around between 4,000$ and 5,000$.

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