The teeth whitening procedure should be performed only in licensed clinics. It is therefore necessary to use a gel which is placed over the teeth and is comprised of 35-40% hydrogen peroxide. After the LED laser for this gel is applied and it releases oxygen molecules. This procedure whitens teeth and lightens to a nicer tone.

The laser whitening LED (with cold light) is one of the most popular because results are achieved in one session and it will not damage the enamel. The session lasts less than an hour, sometimes even 30 minutes and the results can be seen instantly. No recovery is necessary and is a convenient technique as it does not need to use dental splints at night or combine treatment of clinical treatments at home.

The patient is very happy out a whitening session and usually do not need to repeat the process until after 2-7. However, if some people feel that the result is not satisfactory, additional sessions may be made until the desired color.

The best way to get fast results with a whitening treatment is to choose LED laser treatment. Great results in no time. The satisfaction is practically guaranteed.

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