Grinding chopped

Dental caries (tooth decay) is holes made in the two outer layers of tooth enamel and dentin calls. Enamel is the outer white hard surface and the dentin is the yellow layer just beneath the enamel. Both layers serve to … read more

The dryness of the mouth and remove tips

Dryness of the mouth is a very common condition. Many people who suffer from it, but even if symptoms are easy to recognize, many do not realize they suffer from it. This feeling of dryness is caused because the level … Read More

How to have a perfect smile

Would you like to have a smile that captivates all perfect world? Having a perfect, dazzling white smile is very easy, but not just enough to have excellent oral hygiene, but there are times when we need help from the … Read More

Do not overlook the children’s dentistry

If you have young children and dad probably has not thought about taking them to the dentist to see how will their teeth, right? Almost nobody cares about children’s teeth because they think that the permanent teeth are the ones … Read More

Pay attention to your mouth

To have a nice smile is more than just getting the teeth aligned, it is necessary to achieve good health dental and be visiting your dentist regularly. Monterrey has excellent dentists with international standards and at very affordable prices. Dentistry … Read More

Palate instead of braces

It is very common to see teenagers or young with braces and a very interesting thing to know is that you can avoid the use of braces as a child if you are using a palate, there are dentists in … Read More